10 weird & wonderful foods saved from waste

Over the past ten years, we’ve rescued some pretty incredible food from going to waste (even if we do say so ourselves). Here’s our top 10 list of out-of-the-ordinary perfectly edible foods that we’ve redistributed to charities across the UK:

1. A giant Cornish pasty: To launch their new service between Newquay and Edinburgh, airline FlyBe carried a giant Cornish pasty on their inaugural flight. But what to do with it once it reached its destination? FareShare Central and South East Scotland to the rescue!

Determined not to let the pasty go to waste, FareShare volunteers (right) collected the monster and took it to Cunningham House, a hostel with 20 residents who sat down and enjoyed it together. Central and South East Scotland’s Christopher Somerville speculated afterwards: “A big thanks to FlyBe for their generosity: you’ve put food in bellies and smiles on faces. We wonder if you’ve started flights from Brussels; we’d love to see a giant sprout!”

2.Spider shaped bread: Breads crafted into creepy crawlies for a Harvest Festival event was rescued by FareShare London and delivered to charities in the capital.

3. Glastonbury 2014 Festival food: Leftover fruit, veg and hummus were rescued from this year’s Glastonbury festival by FareShare South West and taken to local charities including Windsor Hill Wood hostel in Shepton Mallet. All mud free.

4. Rainbow veg:  Purple carrots, yellow courgettes and golden wax beans have turned our warehouses into a kaleidoscope of colour over the years.

5. 2012 Olympics special: FareShare London redistributed surplus food fit for Olympians from the London 2012 games.

6. Wood pigeon and guineau fowl: The latter caused a stir at FareShare Greater Manchester when one charity initially confused the bird for guinea pig!

7. Ugly veg: Curly cucumbers, three legged carrots and nobbly potatoes often become surplus as they’re not seen as pretty enough to sell. That’s where we step in, rescuing them so charities can transform them into tasty dishes – afterall they taste just as good as their better looking brothers.

8. Easter eggs in December and Christmas puddings and mince pies at Easter.

9. Lobster Thermidor: We ensured that this classic Parisian dish – based on a recipe from 1894 –  did not go to waste but was enjoyed at homeless hostels instead.

10. Fortnum and Mason’s Gentleman’s Relish: This potent anchovy butter, based on an early 19th century recipe, came to FareShare from Fortnum and Mason’s one Christmas. Best served very sparingly!

Spider bread

Cornish pasty

Yellow courgettes 2014 (2)curlycucumbers4Fortnum & Mason Gentleman's relish  2014

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