Addo links up with FareShare to donate 100,000 meals

August 2017

Addo Food Group, the leading producer of chilled savoury pastry products to the UK’s largest retailers, has donated the equivalent of over 100,000 meals worth of surplus products to FareShare, to support those most in need.

Addo Foods, FareShare partnership, Pork Farms, 100,000 meals

Food received by FareShare from Addo Foods ready for delivery to local charities

Since our partnership began, Addo has donated quality pies, slices and quiches that can’t be sold as intended. Addo and FareShare have been working together, through their Riverside Bakery site, since April 2016. Addo’s Poole Bakery site then became one of the first businesses to sign up to our Fowler Welch transport initiative at the end of 2016.

The initiative sees Fowler Welch, a leading UK logistics company that provides ambient and temperature controlled distribution, making use of spare capacity on existing vehicles. Fowler Welch lorries collect food that can’t be sold as intended from their customers at the same time as their regular collections take place. They then deliver the food to one of our 20 Regional Centres across the UK, where we then redistribute it to local charities, providing meals for vulnerable people.

The amount of surplus food Addo provide to FareShare is only set to grow, as the company continue to link their sites with our Regional Centres. In July 2017, the first donation was made by Addo’s Dorset Foods, now the third site to work with FareShare, which included cocktail sausages and savoury eggs.

Commenting on the milestone, Deborah Bolton, Site Managing Director at Addo Food Group’s Riverside Bakery said: “This is a fantastic achievement and we’re delighted to be involved in such a worthwhile initiative. As one of the UK’s largest food manufacturers we believe it’s important to be supporting local communities and good causes where possible. We’re looking forward to continuing our partnership with FareShare and being involved in the great work they do.”

Lindsay Boswell, FareShare CEO added: “Addo Food Group is setting a great example to the manufacturing sector and should be proud of having supplied so many meals of surplus stock to FareShare. Thanks to our partnership, we are able to provide charities and community groups across the UK with the kinds of chilled product they are always in real need of.”


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