Asda staff help tackle hunger with FareShare Glasgow

Staff from the Asda Falkirk depot visited FareShare Glasgow with a delivery of surplus food to be distributed amongst 24 local community groups and charities. Since September 2013, the Falkirk depot has been providing Fareshare with surplus food stock instead of sending it back to the manufacturer – the usual process for managing surplus stock – where it tends to go to waste.

To date, over four tonnes of chilled food stock (679 cases) have been donated. During the visit Asda staff lent a helping hand to FareShare staff and volunteers, sorting food for redistribution to charities in Glasgow and the West of Scotland.

Asda volunteers at FareShare Glasgow

Alan Brown, Operations Manager at Asda Falkirk Depot, said: “It’s hard to believe that in this day and age we can have families in Glasgow going hungry but it’s increasingly the case. Food poverty is a very real problem and it’s getting worse, not better. We’re pleased that our new supply chain model and work with FareShare will help feed thousands who would otherwise go to hungry.

“However we recognise that in this environment, even more needs to be done. I hope that our work will inspire other retailers to work together to find new ways of redistributing food wasted in the supply chain to those who need it most.”

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