Creative councils are cutting the costs of holiday hunger provision with food surplus

That’s a wrap! Children enjoy one of the healthy snacks prepared by volunteers at a holiday hunger scheme in Cardiff

Following today’s cross-party call for local authorities to ensure the provision of free meals for children in the UK’s most disadvantaged communities, FareShare has praised the ‘creative’ councils and local providers who already using surplus food to slash the costs of the schemes.

FareShare Chief Executive, Lindsay Boswell, said: “Holiday hunger is a real and pressing issue and we’re delighted that this summer we’re seen a groundswell of grassroots projects and council-led initiatives ensuring children from the poorest communities receive a healthy nutritious meal over the holidays.

“This summer, FareShare supported over 400 projects fighting holiday hunger across the UK, by redistributing surplus and donated food. The food is good quality, in-date and has been specially selected to meet the children’s nutritional needs. It includes healthy cereal bars, bottled water, sandwiches, wraps, fruit juices and fresh fruit. On average, by using surplus food each scheme saves around £1,580 — money providers can then use to help even more children at risk of going hungry. By 2020 we believe we’ll have doubled the number of holiday hunger schemes we supply, which brings the potential overall saving to over a million pounds.”

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