FareShare FoodCloud

Getting surplus food direct from local stores to charities for free


If you are a charity or community group that uses food to support people, you can sign up to FareShare FoodCloud and collect good quality, surplus food from Tesco stores for free!

In 2017 we are currently trialling FareShare FoodCloud with Waitrose. If successful, the scheme will be expanded over 12 months to all Waitrose stores throughout the UK.


“It went well and the food was superb, particularly the fruit and vegetables, which we always are desperately in need of.”

How does it work?

FareShare provides the people power that ensures that charities are safely matched with a suitable store and that they are supported to get the most out of their store collections. FareShare FoodCloud really is a simple solution – the technology behind it means that charities only need to be able to receive text messages from their local Tesco store.

What areas of the UK does FareShare FoodCloud cover?

Over 800 Tesco stores across the UK are now redistributing their surplus food through FareShare FoodCloud and work is underway to roll it out to a further 1,800 convenience stores.

In early 2017 Waitrose will be launching a trial with FareShare FoodCloud.  Initially, there will be a trial in 25 Waitrose branches, and if successful, the scheme will then be expanded over 12 months to all Waitrose stores throughout the UK.

Can my organisation receive food?

In order to receive food, your organisation needs to be equipped to receive, store, prepare and serve food safely. Charities and community groups will be visited by someone from the team at FareShare to make sure that they use the food in accordance with relevant safety and handling guidelines.

I’m already signed up to FareShare FoodCloud and have a question about my collection, who do I speak to?

Our dedicated Charity Support Centre are here to help you. Call on 0131 608 0967 or email support@fareshare.org.uk.  Our lines are open Monday-Friday 9am-9pm, Saturday 6pm-9pm and Sunday and Bank Holidays 2pm-9pm.

I’m a food company interested in working with FareShare. How can get I get involved?

We would love to hear from potential food suppliers. If you’re interested in giving food to FareShare, visit our Giving Food page.

What other ways can I receive food from FareShare?

Become a FareShare member and you will receive regular and reliable orders of fresh food and store cupboard staples from one of our twenty Regional Centres. Find out more on our Getting Food page.