February’s fancy food

From rainbow veg to regal Gentleman’s Relish, we get some weird yet wonderful food coming through our depots from time to time. All saved from waste and redistributed to the 1,000 charities we work with across the UK in addition to the usual fresh veg, meat and dairy, here’s our recent favourites:

Yellow courgettes add sunshine to a grey February day.

Yellow courgettes 2014 (3)

Delicate courgette flowers delicious in tempura.

Courgette flowers 2014 (3)

Fortnum’s Relish arrived in beautiful teal ceramic pots. Fortnum & Mason’s own version of  Gentleman’s Relish, a spiced anchovy butter dating from the early 19th century, is best served sparingly on hot buttered toast apparently.

Fortnum & Mason Gentleman's relish  2014

Purple carrots sent us even further back through the history books. Older than their orange cousins, purple carrots dates back to at least the 10th Century, when they grew in the Middle East, India and Europe. Their origins are traced to Afghanistan.

Purple carrots




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