Five reasons our volunteers are the bee’s knees

Volunteers are the lynchpin of FareShare. Here’s just some of the reasons they really are the bee’s knees:

1. They can turn one year into half a century…
Last year FareShare volunteers donated more than 132,000 hours (that’s fifty years!) to help us redistribute surplus food to people in need.

2.  …and spend that half a century working incredibly hard.

“I’m retired and I didn’t want to be ‘a lady that lunches’. It’s hard work but I have the best time. It’s doing something worthwhile.”  Irene.

“You are giving food that would have been thrown away to people who really need it. People who are really hungry and desperate. It kind of gets to you, it gets emotional.” Alan.

3. 1,833 elephants? No problem.
Last year FareShare volunteers unloaded, sorted and delivered 5,500 tonnes of fruit, vegetables, meat and more to charities and community organisations across the UK. That’s the equivalent of 1,833 African elephants!

4. They give something back.
Some of our volunteers have been homeless or lived in food poverty in the past. Having found their feet, they volunteer to help others going through tough times.

“I almost lost my home a couple of years ago and was almost homeless. You can’t judge why people are in that situation. My pleasure is the vans going out and people being fed.” Mercia.

5. We simply couldn’t do it without them.

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 FareShare volunteers John and Mercia.     Volunteers London. James Darling.2013     FareShare volunteers loading van.     FareShare volunteer delivering food to a charity. 

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