FareShare provides 1 million meals a month as demand for food soars

Monday 17th March 2014: Last year, we saw the biggest increase in the amount of food given out since we began in 1994 as we provided charities with food for one million meals every month. We are also taking on seven new charities every week to help meet demand.

FareShare is now supporting 1,296 charities and community projects, meaning 62,200 people receive food from us every day.

By working with the food industry, including Asda, Sainsbury’s and Tesco, we redistribute quality surplus food – food which is all in-date and perfectly fine to eat, but would have otherwise gone to waste.

Our CEO Lindsay Boswell says:

The trends are alarming. We’re supporting more people and more charities than ever and while we hear that the economy is recovering, we know it will always be hardest for the most vulnerable in society to regularly access food.

We can’t do it without working in partnership with the food industry. We estimate that there’s enough surplus food for another 800 million meals in the UK. We’re urgently calling on the industry to act and divert their surpluses to FareShare so we can feed more people.”

We’d like to say a big THANK YOU to our amazing volunteers who are at the heart of FareShare, as well as all our supporters who help us provide this much needed food, day in and day out.

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For more info, read our press release.

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