Getting a good square meal in Bristol

Bristol’s Square Food Foundation is on a mission. That mission is to teach people to cook good food from scratch. Their on the road cooking school reaches out to the wider community and runs classes at drop-in centres, hostels and community groups using food that FareShare South West has saved from waste.

From free six week courses for adults with no qualifications to workshops for vulnerable people, it’s about helping everyone to build the skills necessary to cook healthy food from fresh ingredients.

Lucy Holburn, General Manager at Square Food Foundation says

“We find that people at drop-in centres and hostels are better able to work with raw ingredients once they’ve been cooking with us for a while. It’s about confidence to think that you could chuck some of that swede in your mash potato, or pan fry that fish – or whatever!”

“Recently we received a glut of lemons from Fareshare South West and all of our community classes here have been using them. Our children with Downs Syndrome made lemonade, One25 (an organisation working with vulnerable women) are making Lemon Tarts, our over 60’s group made lemon curd and Knowle West Health Association made chicken with lemon sauce”

Lucy’s Top Tip

“Our best tip for delicious healthy food on a budget is to use your scraps of veg and meat bones to make your own stock – this takes even the simplest dishes into another league of deliciousness!”

lemon curd

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