Could your charity or community group use surplus food to support your beneficiaries?

We save good food destined for waste and send it to over 6,723 charities and community groups who transform it into nutritious meals for vulnerable people, from homeless hostels and day centres for older people to women’s refuges and children’s breakfast clubs.

Could your organisation also put good food to good use?

From marvellous meat, dairy and fish to flavoursome fruit and veg, the food we save is good quality and in date and could help you provide a varied menu for your beneficiaries. It can save you money too – FareShare food is worth on average £7,900 to each charity member* – leaving you with more to put back into your other support services.


There are two ways you can get food from FareShare:

  • Become a FareShare member to receive regular orders of good food
    Receive regular and reliable orders of fresh food and store cupboard staples from one of our twenty Regional Centres. Find out if you have a FareShare Regional Centre near you on our Where to find us page.


Find out about receiving food from FareShare

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Benefits of receiving food

By receiving food from FareShare, our Community Food Members are able to achieve even more
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The Jack Hobbs Centre

Criteria for getting food

We are always looking for new charities to redistribute good food to
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Community Food Members

Stories about some of the 6,723 amazing frontline organisations we work with
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FareShare FoodCloud

This free scheme, piloted with Tesco, enables unsold food from stores to benefit local charities
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Main Image Photo Credit: Antonio Olmos


* Saving money, improving lives: Survey of FareShare’s community Food Members, NatCen, 2015