Ways to fundraise in the office

  • How much would you pay to have your boss make you tea for a day? Have an Auction of Promises and ask your colleagues to donate their time, an item or even a secret talent.
  • Give it Up – Challenge yourself to forgo chocolate or your morning cappuccino for a week or a month – or cycle to work instead of taking the train. Donate the money saved to FareShare. How about getting your friends or colleagues involved for extra motivation?
  • Hold an Office Olympics with chair races or a competition to see who the fastest typist in the office is. Or how about running a sweepstake on how many cups of coffee your colleague drinks in a day? Charge participants an entry fee with the winners receiving prizes and the proceeds donated to FareShare.
  • Set up a Lunch Club with food themed fundraisers – a Pancake Day cook-off, Easter Egg decorating or pumpkin carving at Halloween. Or help tackle food waste and have a competition to see who can create the best recipes using leftovers.
  • You can’t beat the classics – organise a dress down day (or a fancy dress day and get sponsored to wear a crazy outfit to work for the day!)
Hands typingHold an Office Olympics and find out who’s the fastest typist in your office. Picture: Rick Prelinger.

1280px-A_small_cup_of_coffeeGive your coffee up for FareShare.