Martin’s story

How FareShare food is helping people into work and out of addiction in East London

“Now I’m just glad to eat. It’s making me stronger, I go jogging and go to the gym, mainly for my mental health. It calms me down. I do all these things I never used to.”

Martin was living on the streets and using drugs before he found Caritas Anchor House, a residential and life skills centre for single homeless people in Canning Town, East London.

Thanks to the support programme and daily meals he receives there, which are made with food from FareShare, he has embarked on the road to recovery.



Improving wellbeing

With many residents in bad health or battling addiction, the nourishing food that Caritas Anchor House provides is key to improving residents’ physical and mental wellbeing. Each year they give over 220 people somewhere to live and the support necessary to rebuild self-esteem and move towards leading independent lives.

By using food from FareShare, Caritas Anchor House saves between £12,000 and £15,000 a year, funds which they reinvest in their support services.

Director Keith Fennett explains “We’ve made food a centrepiece of the organisation. We believe that if people are stoked up and have food inside them they are full of energy and they can go and do things positively during the day. So far this year we’ve got 72 people back into work, a lot of that is to do with health and wellbeing, of which eating is a component part.”

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Caritas Anchor House residents can volunteer in the kitchen to gain experience and build confidence

Food and homelessness

We work with hundreds of homeless organisations to not only get food to people affected by homelessness, but to provide them with fresh quality food because we know that:

  • 70% of long-term homeless people show medical symptoms of malnutrition
  • Three out of five homeless people have no daily intake of fruit or vegetables

* Source: Shelter Scotland

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