Mercia’s story

Struggling to find work after finishing university, Mercia started volunteering with FareShare London as a depot assistant in 2012.

Through experience and training gained with FareShare, Mercia secured work as a Food Services Assistant with Sodexo (a food services and facilities management company) in 2013. She still finds time to volunteer with FareShare on her days off.

Mercia says

“I was applying for so many jobs and not hearing back. It makes you feel useless. When the job advisor said what about volunteering in food, I thought why not.

“I arrive at FareShare, sign in, put on my hi-vis jacket and steel-toe boots. We select food for each charity receiving food that day. There’s so much to do, by the time you lift your head up the time has gone. What surprised me most is the amount of food that comes in. You are so overwhelmed, you jump straight in.

“At FareShare we are feeding the hungry and the homeless. I almost lost my home a couple of years ago – you can’t judge why people are in that situation. My pleasure is the vans going out and people being fed. It’s very satisfying. I’ve gotten so attached to FareShare now that I don’t want to leave, I enjoy it so much.”

“When someone volunteers they are getting in house training and this improves their chances of obtaining a job. (When I found out about my new job) I felt elated. I couldn’t believe it.”

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