What to eat in the Arctic

August 2015

Intrepid explorer and Credit Suisse employee Guillaume Danis left behind the day job to sail to the Arctic for FareShare this summer. A Director in Credit Suisse’s Equities team, Guillame took a three month sabbatical for the once in a lifetime trip on board his boat the Boreal. Before his departure, we caught up with Guillaume about what he’ll be eating on board his Arctic adventure.

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boat food 2Provisions are prepped for the journey on board the Boreal.

What will you be cooking and eating on board?

The meal is probably the most important thing on board because it will keep morale up. So you do definitely need one good meal a day. And then lots of vegetables and soup.

The issue that we’ve got is that you cannot store that much fresh food, such as vegetables, so we have a lot of cans. My mother-in-law has prepared some jar food, with the meat being sterilized in jars. It’s the old way of preparing and storing food.

At the end of three months you can be impacted by scurvy, it’s not too much of a risk, but you need to think. My wife said we should take lots of bottles of lemon juice for the Vitamin C because you can’t have a lot of fruit on board.

Why do you think sharing a good meal is so important?

A meal is about sharing and that’s very important when you live in a small environment like a boat. That one moment when everyone is sitting together, that is the moment when everyone is sharing the day. You don’t need a fancy meal, it can be very basic but good. It’s important as a family and as a community

fish pie

The Boreal popped into FareShare Central and South East Scotland on their journey north and picked up a recipe for fish pie from them, which made a hearty dinner for Guillaume’s crew.

What food do you think you’ll miss most?

Being French, bread is important, bread is everything! We have brought some precooked bread and we are going to cook some bread too. Lots of flour and corn flour to prepare various dough. So we will have precooked baguette and we will have fresh baguette. But it remains to be seen if we can sustain this for a crew of six to eight…

Weekly croissant, we will miss this too! Apart from that, I think we will miss fresh fruit and fresh vegetables.

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You can also follow the crew’s adventures on the Arctic Boreal Expedition website with films, photos and stories

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