World Food Day: The wonder of food

“…I have been hungry. I have been dumb with wonder. But getting a good meal has really encouraged me, and helped me…”
Neil, former homeless hostel resident.

On Thursday 16th October FareShare will celebrate World Food Day – a global day of action when people around the world unite to declare their commitment to eliminate hunger in our lifetime.

1 in 9 people worldwide are chronically undernourished and yet a third of all food intended for human consumption is wasted. There is enough to feed every person on the planet so no-one should go hungry.

This imbalance between food waste and hunger is at the heart of FareShare’s work.

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Take action

World Food Day encourages us to think about how lucky we are to have enough food to eat every day and think about how we can take action to help those people who are not so lucky:  people who face the agonising question every day; ’Where is my next meal coming from?’

After all, hunger can affect anyone – here in Britain, the seventh richest country in the world, 5.8 million people are living in extreme poverty.* The rising number of people living below the breadline in the UK has hit the headlines more frequently in recent years as record unemployment has caused an enormous rise in hunger and hardship across the country.

Our food reaches vulnerable men, women and children of all demographics who have fallen on desperate times and been sucked into the hunger trap: homeless people, children living below the poverty line, older people suffering from isolation, victims of domestic violence, war veterans, people fighting drug and alcohol addiction, and low income families struggling to put food on the table.

“FareShare has been our lifeline in these difficult times for charities. With their assistance and support we can continue to do the work we do, we can continue to address food poverty…” Lynne McMordie at homeless charity the Welcome Organisation in Belfast.


How you can help #FareMealDeal

For World Food Day, we are running a Meal Deal campaign to encourage people to make a real difference by taking just one small step to help fight hunger and food waste.

Instead of binning your leftovers, turn them into tomorrow’s lunch – and use the money you would have spent buying your lunch to help feed those in need. Just £1 is enough to provide four meals, so for the cost of a £3 supermarket meal deal you could give 12 hungry and vulnerable people a hot meal.

For some lunchbox inspiration, check out Lunchbox recipes on BBC Good Food
or Love Food Hate Waste.

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Join our Meal Deal campaign this World Food Day, use up your leftovers and text FARE12 £3 to 70070 to give 12 people in need a hot meal.

* Joseph Rowntree Foundation, Monitoring Poverty and Social Exclusion, 2010



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